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Toys-on-rent family is looking to expand its foot-print to all tier-I and tier-II cities in India by offering
Franchise to interested people.

For those of you who love kids especially mothers (working or
homemakers) who want to do something on their own,
we present an option to you started.

Just submit an enquiry (adjacent box) and
we will get you a detailed proposal.

You can also drop us a quick note at
or call +919604958026 or +18586032802(USA Whatsapp)

Toys-on-rent started in 2010 from Bangalore more as an idea of doing a home-based business that soon picked up to a scale of over 250 customers! With the completion of 2 years in this business, we initiated our plans to expand by setting up Franchisees.

Our goal is to partner with aspiring business minded people. Over the years, our website toys-on-rent.com has gone through multiple upgrades and the current is designed not just for customers but also for our franchisee to have on-the click access to information, toy management, customer management and several other modules that make business operations seamless.

We also have a robust marketing plan/ social media strategy that keep adding to our brand building efforts. To make certain that our brand exude quality, we have a tie-up with an ad-agency to help us with all these creative and plans.

To sum it up, toys-on-rent has a well-rounded process and plan to support new franchisee get on the ground and also to keep feeding the existing ones. Please find below FAQ’s that will give you pertinent answers to some of your queries.

» Franchisee FAQ


When did toys-on-rent start?

Toys-on-rent started in 2010 with a single home based branch in Bangalore. In 2012, we initiated the Franchisee program and as on date we have 4 Franchisee in addition to the home branch.

What territories are available?

We are looking at expansion pan India so please send us the city of choice for you and we will be happy to get you the details. You can submit an enquiry using the adjacent form.

What kind of background do I need?

Fluency in local language, people skills and a passion to do something on your own. Toys-on-rent is a good option for mothers looking for home-based business.

What kind of training would toys-on-rent provide?

Toys-on-rent has a comprehensive training/ support plan for all its franchisee by way of following:

»  Toys-on-rent has an Operating Manual that we provide to the franchisee upon signing with us.
    The Operating manual details all business processes and steps of carrying out the business.

»  In addition to this, we will also provide a welcome kit that will have things that will enable you to         get started with the business.

»  Toys-on-rent will also provide online training for the website management/ administration.

What kind of ongoing support is there?

TOR: Toys-on-rent will provide round the clock IT support, a comprehensive marketing plan at pre-launch, launch and post launch stages. Also, we will have a social media campaign to keep customer engaged with the brand all the time.

What are the requisites to start a toy rental franchise business?

TOR: Like with any business, you should be a self-starter. In addition to this, you will require storage space, keenness to marketing, broad idea of the demographic landscape in you city and an attitude to just go for it.

How much would it cost?

TOR: The investments required to start a toys-on-rent Franchisee are surprisingly low when compared to most children related products/ services on offer for business partnerships. We can provide you details once you submit the enquiry form with us

How has franchising helped you in the expansion of this business?

TOR: Franchising has already helped us set our foot-prints to 4 cities in addition to where we started. It is certainly a good way for us to see our brand growing and also a rewarding partnership for those who will want to learn from our experience, benefit from partnering with an existing brand and also save on start-up time and operational issues

What are the challenges that one can encounter in this business?

TOR:Delivery of toys at the doorstep is some time challenging, as maintaining delivery boys for long time is difficult.

How can a franchisee develop a good customer base in this business?

TOR:Developing a good customer base will happen by a combination of TOR providing a marketing plan and tools for implementation followed by Franchisee deploying them at his Location.

ow do you manage the delivery process? (eg. For 100 customers, how many delivery boys do you think is required)

TOR: The delivery process is managed by a combination of online and offline process similar to courier companies. One delivery person can handle 120-140 customers/ month.

If we feel and want to add / remove some toys from your existing toy list, will that be possible?

TOR: We will provide you with access to do any such addition, deletion. As this is a Franchisee based engagement, we will require you to check with us before you plan on adding any new toys as we will want to make sure that our collection quality and brands that we keep is not compromised at any costs.

How will customer buy toys from us, what will be the process for it? Also what is the margin in it and what will be the profit-sharing in it.

TOR: The current business plan does not envisage such situation.

If, due to any unforeseen circumstances or due to our bad luck, if we decide to close the franchisee, then what will be the salvage value for us and what about the toys?

TOR: Like any business concern, you will have to plan for your exit. We will work on identifying a partner who can take over your operations but that is not assured. The toys and all other stuff will be your responsibility to take care.

What is the reason behind increase in toy-on-rent business?

TOR: Parenting today is a challenging task with working parents- busy schedules, exhaustive variety of educational and fun toys- making buying a tough decision, short-term utility as children outgrow the toys, space constrains tot stock wide range of toys in modern day houses and many more reasons. Moreover, the wide range of educational and fun toys is pretty expensive to buy them all! toys-on-rent we buy-you enjoy offers a convenient option for parents to overcome all of the above challenges by simply renting toys for short duration providing children the opportunity to explore and play with many toys at the price of some!

How big is toy rental business in India?

TOR: We are ourselves part of the big league of toy rental companies and to the best of our knowledge most of them are under 10 locations. That being said, the business is picking up and I am hopeful that there will be many brands with over 50 locations in coming times and toys-on-rent sees itself at the pole position.
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"Toys on Rent Ahmedabad provides us great services ...my son waits new toys very eagerly every ....its really unique concept...children can have variety of toys with less amount of rent...So its basically pocket friendly approach for parents. Further, staff of Toys on rent , Ahmedabad is very co-operative and friedly , even they suggest us different variety of toys to our child as per his growing period... My son , me and my husband is very thankful to Toys on Rent , Ahmedabad and hoping for longer periods services."
- Drashti - Ahmedabad

"Really Amazing idea!"
- Swarna Latha - Nagpur

"Excellent service from Nagpur Branch, worth of money. "
- Anjeeta - Nagpur

"I came to Nagpur, and was shocked to see that there was no concept of Toy library until i found Toys on rent! They gave a geat variety of toys plus very user free website which allows u to add toys hassle free. The staff is polite n courteous too. Great service, keep it up guys!"
- Meeti Shah - Nagpur

"Toys on rent was the star of my daughter's birthday party. It is a very unique concept which can add glitters to your party and pump in fun and frolic in the party for kids. For us, it was a great value addition where all kids enjoyed to their fullest and still wanting more. The set is completely plug and play which makes it extremely convinient to get it ready in no time. Loaded with latest and funfilled concepts, toys on rent is a sureshot inclusion for us in all kids related parties in future."
- Shikha Das - Nagpur

"My daughter always hooked herself on to things I found difficult to explain. Some toothpaste cover or box sometimes appealed more to her than an expensive toy I would buy her. LOL!!! ToysOnRent came to my mind as a financially viable option to cater to the shifting short attention span of today's nursery brigade. Also after peaking peaking as an accumulator I would sometimes get overwhelmed just to see how many "things" I have in my house. And once you "have" them disposal is another tax on the brain. Phew! Toys were one of those things - some lying around unused but me incapable of making a decision of how to "terminate" them. Srividya was very passionate, clear and never made it look like a business relation with my family. To my daughter she will remain much like a fairy - as she says..." What will Toy aunty bring today?". Immensely impressed by the concept and Srividya next door approach and reliability. All the best!!"
- Ayusman Mohanty- Chennai

"The concept of renting toys is such an innovative idea. As a parent we invest a lot on buying toys but unsure if the child would be interested in it. As the child grows they like to explore and learn new things around everyday. Toys do get to the corner of the house once they are fully explored. To satisfy this nature of the kid, ToysOnRent suits the best. The service is excellent. The toys are delivered on time, preference always met, clean and tidy toys, quality branded toys, sturdy. My child enjoys it very well. "
- Sangeeta -Chennai

"My daughter and I enjoy the concept of renting a toy. This helps the child to explore and enjoy several games and yet they are willing to give it up as they know something new is awaiting in the coming week. This concept also encourages reuse and reduce. Srividhya who runs this service in Chennai is a wonderful and pleasing person and always puts the child first rather than business. The toys she brings are very clean, neat and well maintained. A good collection of toys and games makes it very exciting for the child. Really hope more people get onto this concept. "
- Vidya - Chennai

"Innovative idea. This is the ultimate destination for branded toys. The great thing about this is kids get new toys for every fifteen days. They have a wide range of varieties to choose from. There are a lot of development toys which are in good condition. The plus is we never have to feel the toy was used before because it looks like new. Srividya is doing an excellent job at following up and meeting our requests. "
- Gayathri- Chennai

"I have been a member of toys on rent for past 6 months.Really it is a good and welcoming concept.Toys r of good quality.They are very clean and well maintained like new toy.Toys r of different types to suit all age groups.Children get bored of playing with same toys for a long time.Getting a new toy every fortnight is exciting for kids.They are prompt in service.Best wishes to continue their service."
- Aaron - Chennai

"Just started on yesterday. really surprised, its good packed & new toys delivered. my 4 year son enjoying well. thanks to toys n rent Chennai team. "
- Saravanakumar - Chennai

"Good work...Keep it up!"
- Sajili - Yojna Vihar - New Delhi

"Great concept, helpful staff and timely service. Loads of toys to choose from which i could not imagine my daughter playing with are just a click away! happy kids, happy parents! Thank you and three cheers to the entire team:) "
- Nancy B - Bandra, Mumbai

"Very nice concept and my kid is enjoying with every new toy. I like the promptness in service."
- Sonal - Kompally, Hyderabad

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